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by Dad's LPs

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released October 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Dad's LPs Oakland, California

Dad’s LPs is a rock, pop band with its cornerstones consisting of the powerhouse vocals of John Morales and the emotive voice of Chris Twomey. This is punctuated by Andrew Harris’ sharp guitar attack, the staccato rhythm guitar work of Jay Seals. Most importantly though, they are a band of songwriters who love to create, play, and record original music. ... more

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Track Name: Gallows
Right place at the right time, always a good way to go.
Wrong place at the wrong time, now you’re on death row.
I swear, I didn’t do it, I told the judge the truth.
I’ll say the same thing to the man, after I’ve been swinging from the noose.

But a rope is just a rope, until you’re hanging from it,
I thought I was going to heaven, but I hear no trumpet.
So go and get the warden, tell him I’m not dead.
If seeing is believing, take this hood from my head.

They said, “get on that plane, we’ve got one last job to do.
Take out the man in red, and that’s the last we’ll ask of you.”
What a funny sense of humor, lady luck had on that day,
Our plane was shot down before we landed the runway.


What to do now, I’m hanging here on the last hour of the last day of the year.
What to do now, the reaper has arrived, to cut me down and bid this world goodbye.
But I’m not ready to throw in the towel, reaper turn around and head back down.
I’ll get myself down from this pole, with my own two legs, gonna walk on home.

Track Name: If You Need Some Time
I’ll hold on if you’ll hold on...

If you need some time, I’ve got time to spare.
So if you need some of mine, you know that I’ll be there.
To hold you close, while you’re falling apart.
If you find you’ve been sinking, I’ll be there to hold up your heart.

If you need me...

If you need some space, I’ll offer up my room.
You can set the pace, or we can zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.
If you need a light, I’ll conjure up the sun.
There won’t be a shadow for miles, when I am done

If you need me...

I’ll come and make it right...
Track Name: Relief
How come you taste like wine?
I taste like bittersweet candy.
It happens all the time.
I get a case of the cold feet.
You say the water’s fine.
But I can’t get myself to move.
Until you push me in,
And then I suddenly know it’s good.

You know it feels so good,
When you’re standing right next to me.
I never thought I could,
Avoid slipping into retreat.
You know it feels so good…
And now I probably should,
Take a breath of relief.

How could you guess my game
And I can’t guess anything on you.
Like what’s your middle name,
Why it’s so easy for you to move.
Guess we’re like night and day,
teeter-tottering back and forth.
I hope it stays that way,
We keep lighting each other’s torch.
Track Name: Adelaide
I once knew a woman who brought out in me,
Something between fear and hypocrisy.
That night in Anaheim, it was crawling beneath my skin,
The feeling of forever and the reality of the end.

Adelaide, Adelaide…
I am defined by the choices I have made.

I once knew a woman who brought me to the brink.
When I arrived at the word ‘love,’ escape was all I could think.
That day in Bakersfield, the things that we went through,
She always tried to make me smile, but smile was more than I could do.

Adelaide, Adelaide…
I am defined by the choices I have made.
Like leaving you in the middle of the night.
I’m not the man that you want in your life,
Track Name: I Told You So
You cut your wedding cake with a man who won’t appreciate
Your kinky kind of love, You’re just hoping he’s enough.
But soon you’ll call me up and tell me how it’s been so rough
And now you want to find yourself alone.

But I can’t be your temporary love.
Can’t you see what I’m so scared of?

Oh, you know
I told you so
You don’t have to compromise
With crimson lips and big blue eyes
Oh, you know
I told you so
Now all you have are memories
When what you really need is me

So you were swept away, You said all we ever did was play
But I know you’ve got doubts on all physical accounts.
Now you’re for someone else and all I have are bites and welts
And I don’t want to watch them fade away… Oh, no.

Track Name: No Weapons
You called me a liar, you called me a cheat.
How many times do I have to tell you; Neither one of these are me.
But maybe you should be the one to question where you stand.
You come running back to me but you love another man

I have no weapons, but I have my word
Why don't you step into the ring so you can be heard

Why do I even waste my time, thinking maybe I can
Talk some sense into you, babe, and make you understand.
I don't want to be the one that you keep just in case.
And I don't need to stay to watch you fall down on your face.


I'll hit the highway, I'll hit the road
Even though I have no idea where I'm about to go
Just that I'm leaving, just know I'm leaving.
Track Name: White Flags
Now give it to me like you did before.
I’ll ring the bell of your front door.
Take me upstairs, it’s alright.
Out of sound and out of sight.

Sometimes I’m on, and sometimes I’m not.
Sometimes I don’t appreciate exactly what I’ve got.
Until it’s gone, never to return.
Leaving me empty with an aching burn.

Now give it to me like you did before.
I’ll ring the bell of your front door.
Take me upstairs, it’s alright.
Out of sound and out of sight.
We’re out of our minds...
We’re out of time...

I miss you so much. Do you understand?
I’ll do whatever you want, just let me take your hand.
I’m not handing you some bullshit, this ain’t no slow dance.
This is me for real, just give me a second chance.
Track Name: The Call Out
Who you tryin’ to hustle?
What are you so mad about?
I was on your side,
Now you’re trying to call me out.

Your little sister called
And said she needed money back.
Mamma’s been frontin’ too long
You know that isn’t fair.
Whatcha doin’ hangin’ out
Downtown anyhow?
Whatcha gonna do when the
Wheel spins back around?

Are you listening?
(Who you tryin’ to hustle?)
Are you listening?
(What are you so mad about?)
Are you listening now?
(I was on your side
now you’re trying to call me out)

Ain’t no chance in pulling out
Ain’t no chance in pulling out now.
And even if you had your chance
You wouldn’t take it anyhow.
You never said you needed some
Never said you needed some hurt.
And yet you’ve always got your face
Planted firmly in the dirt.

Track Name: How the West was Won
I’ve got to find my way back home.
This night is cursed and the moon is hanging low.
The Queen of Spades is knocking at my door.
I’ve got to find my way back home.

I went to the river, but the river was dry.
I went to the mountain, but the mountain was too high.
I went to the desert, but the desert floor was cracked.
I went to the ocean, but the ocean was black.

This must be how the west was won.
Staring down the barrel of a smoking gun.
I sold my soul underneath that Nevada sun.
This must be how the west was won.


I hear the train coming down from the pass.
I put my lucky nickel down on the tracks.
I’m leaving this town and I’m leaving right fast.
I hear the train coming down from the pass.

Track Name: Call Me Your Baby
I can see beneath your disguise you're quite a beautiful lady.
You'd make one hell of a prize and I won't settle for maybe.
That far flung look in your eyes is driving me crazy.

I want you to call me your baby
Just one time.
Just call me your baby
Just one time.

Take your time and pull on my hair when you’re whistling to me.
We'll terrify the people upstairs with a late night movie.
You can tell your friends at work I’m stupid and lazy.


I know that maybe I'm no good for you,
but honey you're so damn good for me.
I'm living proof what your love can do,
But I can't stop remembering...

When you were mine,
All mine.
You were mine,
All mine, all mine…
I remember when you were mine.
(you were mine)
You were all mine.
(all mine)
(you were mine)
Tell me that you're mine.
(all mine)
I'm dying to hear it,
I confess, I confess.